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About Holley Jacobs

Vision Statement

To Be Creatively Inspired While Inspiring Others

~ Holley Jacobs


Statement of Purpose

To raise awareness about all forms of art while donating my 50% of my proceeds to nonprofit organizations.​​

My Personal Passions


They are a great part of how I have been able to succeed in my goals and return to college in my mid-thirties. Without their continuous support, my educational and professional pursuits would not be possible.


I cannot count how many staff or volunteers who work at nonprofit organizations have helped my family and me. The community support I have received inspires me to pay it forward on a daily basis.


My background is in nursing and my nature is to help others. However, volunteering and getting involved with nonprofit organizations brought with it a strong, deep-rooted feeling is to help as many people as possible no matter what their need.


My passion to stay determined and succeed in my goals have surpassed any complications encountered. My resolution takes me far, and I feed off of it which makes me strive to be the best "me" I can be.

Fine Art America

My Journey - Bachelor's Program Reflection